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Position Vacant

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:50 pm
by Kermet
There's a job going for National Geographic. They need someone to spend a month in the middle of Africa for an up-coming issue. Only one man responded to the add, average Aussie bloke, Darryl.

"Now Darryl, Africa is dangerous. To show you're up to it, we have 3 rooms here, each with a test that must be passed.
Room 1 has a bottle of the strongest alcohol known to man, drink all of it.
Room 2 has a lion with a sore tooth, remove the tooth
& finally, Room 3 has a woman that no man has been able to pleasure. Make her orgasm & you're sure to survive Africa"

"No worries mate" Darryl boasts as he strolls into the 1st room, downs the bottle in one gulp & staggers back out.

He stumbles into room 2 & slams the door closed. After a few minutes of banging, thumping & endless screams, Darryl falls out of the room looking a little worse for wear.

He looks up at the NG Rep & slurs "Ok, where's this fucken sheila with the sore tooth?"...........................