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Postby blackryder » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:49 pm

I've been looking for a decent mount for my phone, and was wondering what people are now using and hopefully some insights into their use and their pros & cons.
I have been looking at the 'ram' mount which basically plugs into triple clamp stem and secures with balls and swivels etc etc...
I want to use the phone predominantly as a GPS for trips, so it needs to be something that certainly holds the phone rock solid and basically in front of me to view easily and not in the way of instruments.
Peoples thoughts and/or what everyone uses.
I have searched for mounts on here, but didn't find too much.
Any pics of them in action and even some pace riding showing their stability would be awesome.
see ya all soon
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Re: phone mounts

Postby SteveW » Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:23 am

I use Ultimate Addons kit.
Stem ball mount, charger plug-in, weather proof cover.
Have even been across the Nullarbor twice with it. Very stable and highly recommend it. Just need to buy a case now for my new Galaxy S6!
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Re: phone mounts

Postby Linc » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:18 am

Not sure if you've found a solution mate, but I am very happy with my mount. I use the RAM ball & socket style mount which is basically a U bolt & ball joint on the handle bar then a stem that has a socket at either end and a sprung wing nut to keep slight tension when undoing it. It's very stable and solid and has endless positioning possibilities. I first bought the RAM Aqua Box to put my iPhone 5S in, but I found it was a bit flimsy, so I looked further and ended up buying a Hitcase. It is water resistant (very) and shockproof (can even be used on dirt bikes). It has a 'fish eye' camera lens permanently fixed to the make the phone's camera view more like a GoPro. The screen is still touch sensitive in the Hitcase and there is a port for headphone jack (with water resistant bung). It has water resistant stainless steel buttons for the power and volume buttons. The only down side I've found is it does not have a port for the charging lead. This was a problem for me because when I use the GPS or Maps app my iPhone battery drains very fast. I decided to make a hole in the bottom of the case to accommodate my charging lead and fitted a cable from my bike's accessory power to USB on the bars, with a short (6 inch) iPhone lead so I can easily charge the phone while riding. The whole set up works really well.
Good luck
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