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We have quite a few new members of late so I'll put this here as a reminder of some "guidelines" you should follow so we can all get on.!

1. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated.
2. Abuse and personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.
3. Bringing the club into disrepute will be not tolerated.
4. Post whoring is not appreciated - (some can't help themselves.)
5. Bagging other clubs / forums is not appreciated.
6. Bagging businesses / suppliers can cause legal problems so please be careful what you post.
7. THINK BEFORE YOU POST, then read it and think again before you post it.
8. Stay on topic and do not hijack threads.
9. Keep off topic discussions and jokes to a minimum. Remember this is a motorcycle forum after all.
10. Rides posted here are not KSRC rides. KSRC do not organise rides, individuals who happen to be members do...
11. Posting of large pics is not appreciated. Please resize to under 900 x 900 pixels before posting. Anything oversized will be deleted. If you have to scroll to see it, its too big.!
12. Inappropriate avatars will be deleted or changed to something embarrasing.
13. KSRC is not here for busineses or other clubs/ groups to use as free advertising. Unless your a sponsor, please contact the admins before posting.
14. KSRC stickers are NOT to be "stuck" on anything without the property owners permission. Anyone found defacing property with a KSRC sticker will be banned.!
15. Sponsors wil not post or comment on other sponsors offers or deals.!
16. When replying to another post and quoting it, DO NOT include any pics in the quote, and please edit the quote if large.

Read this" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank

Can everyone please check and make sure the "Location" field is filled out correctly in the profile area.
This makes things much easier when intro's, rides, for sales and most other things are posted.
It would help to put both suburb and state in this field..

Members who do not have there location listed may be removed.!

The ranks have also been standardized and individual ranks can be requested once apprentice post whore status has been attained.
These will be Team ranks similar to the current Team Ninja, Team Green, Team black, Team Crim, Team Piss Head, Team zzr, Team zxr, Crashed in 05 etc...


We have been around for quite a number of years and in that time we have only had to ban 1 member. That was some nutcase who threatened to kill every KSRC member he saw.
That was a pretty severe threat and we had no option but to remove him.
We have had our ups and downs, like all online groups, but most ppl generally get along and the fighting and agro has always been kept to a minimum.
If you've had a post deleted, take that as warning that the content is not wanted. You then have a choice of changing your behaviour or being warned, if you don't change and get another warning, the next step will be your account removal.

If you don't like someone, don't post or read their threads, if you have a difference of opinion, express it in a mature, nonconfrontational manner.

If you think that this is an open forum and you can say whatever you like, think again, this forum is owned by me and operated by the 3 Admins, me, Dan and Jason. We will be the ones who decide what is acceptable. If you don't like it, save us the time and leave on your own accord.!
But don't sweat it, we are very easy going, unlike a lot of other sites. ;)


Motorcycling is dangerous and you ride at your own risk and to your own skill level. Always wear appropriate safety gear and obey road rules. No liability is accepted by the KSRC administrators, owner, web host or any other related party in any way from use of information or participation on any ride related to this site. You only enter the site and become a member on acceptance of those and any other conditions.

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