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Re: CR500 Steel to Alloy frame conversion.

Sun May 10, 2015 11:35 am

laidback wrote:
How's it go now mate?

Well it went back because it lean seized doing a bit of Finke like speeds which was a pretty wild ride locking up when your not expecting it :lol:

Until then the porting and crank balancing really made a difference and has awesome power at any time and wheelies in any gear at will. :twisted:

Anyway the engine builder accepted it was his error and to his credit rebuilt and re jetted it for desert racing/riding this time, dropped the timing off a tad and a few less ponies in the end but it is safe and a bit rich on the idle jet and perfect colour on a plug chop. it has amazing torque and just pulls everywhere.

SA's top female rider and title holder will be using it in the upcoming AORC/SAORC round at Wanbi SA 24.5.2015
I am hoping the likes of Toby Price might sign his name on it on that weekend 8)

I have had one ride on it after the rebuilt rebuild and dialed the suspension in a bit before i had my arm shortened (yes really and not from hanging on to this thing) and eagerly waiting to regain strength to ride again.

I also have sold the 12R for this years Husqvarna FE501 which is a cracking bike for a KTM based engine and for a four-poke at that but that WP 4CS suspension is out of this world, on top of all this we have had the wettest year for ages and we all know what wet sand means :twisted: .

RustyAs wrote:this page has disappeared, I don't suppose you kept a copy of the write up?

Im seriously looking at a KX 500 resto



Damn, I have no idea.
That was a good page.

KX500 resto aye?
if you go ahead I have a few good contacts for you ;)

Re: CR500 Steel to Alloy frame conversion.

Sun May 10, 2015 4:02 pm

Testing the coolant overflow setup today.

Re: CR500 Steel to Alloy frame conversion.

Sun May 10, 2015 5:26 pm

I was wondering what all the tubes were for haha
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