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Re: noob rider weight transfer

Postby lotii10396 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:10 am

Cheers Nelso (and everyone), it all makes sense and the cornering options are a major reason why I am finding bikes most enjoyable after sportscars. These options along with the vastly smaller size of a bike gives a bigger cornering window which, at legal speeds anyway, makes for a much smoother & enjoyable ride through most Adelaide hills roads. I have several roads that I have driven for years & years and these are great for tinkering with these cornering options at legal & safe speeds.

This cornering discussion is very valuable info for me, as one of the realisations I have is that I really have no idea of the cornering grip of a bike, yet the consequences of going past that limit have far more grave implications than in a car. Also in a car, especially my road car, I can go to the track and simply drive faster & faster into a corner until you get to the point where the tyres let go and you spin off into the dirt. Relatively very safe and you learn grip limits of your tyres and car dynamics as it approaches the limit & breaks free. But unless you are fortunate enough to own two identical bikes (ie be prepared to crash one at the track) the grip limit is knowledge that I assume many riders never actually know.

From one perspective it is frustrating, I generally like to know these things. But from another perspective I'm not riding a bike to test these limits, so this lack of knowledge is reinforcement to ride defensively and well within both the bike & my own personal limits. Knowing that there are additional cornering techniques to keep a bike within these limits is comforting, so they are skills worth practising even if I never have to use them.
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Re: noob rider weight transfer

Postby Glen » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:23 pm

I'm surprised Wattie hasn't weighed into this one yet..........if he was here though I'm sure he'd give the following advice.

Just lean the pharker............... That takes care of Wattmans Master of going fast course levels 1 through 3 :)

Good luck with it.
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Re: noob rider weight transfer

Postby Wattie » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:44 pm

Just lean the farker.
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