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Re: WheelieZone!

Postby StevieD » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:49 pm

this is awesome just did a session today with a few mates and had a blast, John is very informative as well is Dave, they have a great setup, he didn't even set the bike in the booth as he was just back from Eastern Creek and was heading out again tmw, so it was set up on the Trailer........Highly recommended :lol:
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Re: WheelieZone!

Postby ZX9R Man » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:23 pm

My first ever wheelie on my B1 ZX9.
I was doubling a friend home one after noon and stupid me had my mobile phone clipped to my belt and at some point the passenger bumped it and it came free and was sent down the road with incredible road rash.
Although I was pissed off, I couldn't blame anyone but myself.
After dropping this individual off I took off down the road and stopped at the local intersection. When all was clear, and mind you I was breathing fire at this stage, I rev dumped it and the thing took off hard lifting the front wheel so high it caught me by surprise but I managed to keep it up through 3 gears and 100 or so meters later I was at around 160 km/hr for a late brake. I just managed to pull it up as those 2 piston Tokicos were ordinary.
My heart was pounding !! Pheew !!
That settled me down.
Got the phone repaired the following week.
Guess what phone too ??? Ericsson GH 377.

I still have my Motorola Tac 2 for those who remember when it was sooo cool to have a flip phone !!
It still powers up and my contacts from circa 91 are still intact ! Talk about nostalgia !
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