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Spot from Melbourne

Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:12 pm

Hi all, I'm new to this Kawasaki thing, just got ( well a few months ago) a 92 ZZR1100C as a swap for the last of my 70s cb750s which was most of the way through a trailbike conversion
My other toy is an 88 Vmax with the usual modifications, bars, brakes, seat, lights etc
Had it for about 12 years and only blown one motor to pieces
My plan with the ZZR is just a putting together , I got it as a rolling chassis with a mostly rebuilt motor , it's complete but still needs a few things putting back on
It's had 3rd gear fixed somewhere in its past and the guy I got it off had a new crank and mains as well as number 3 piston replaced
I've put new tyres and brakes on, fork seals, wheel bearings, given everything a good clean and repaint where needed
Mostly now it's bodywork, every piece of plastic was cracked or broken, I've ( hopefully) fixed all the damage but I'm held up by the tank, it's rooted basically, it's full of rust and crap and has holes in the underside, I stopped looking at that point but I reckon if I keep looking I'll find more
I've posted a wanted ad in the appropriate forum page but it hasn't appeared yet ?
I'll check again soon and try again if it's not there
Once I've got a good tank I have to rub back all the panels and repaint everything. Probably do it in satin black with Kwak green original design stickers
Also just remembered I've put new brake/clutch lines and banjo bolts ( all in green of course )

Anyway I shall get round to doing a build thread soon, in the meantime if anyone knows of an 1100C tank let me know
Cheers spotty

Re: Spot from Melbourne

Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:58 pm

Hellp and welcome!

This forum is a shadow of it's former self, but there are still some knowledgeable people on here and lots of info if you search the older threads.

The C model is (I think) a bit more rare and hard to find bits for than my D. Feel free to look through my bike thread but I'll apologise up front because my image server went screwy and changed the sizes of all the pics and I cbf re-doing all of them... (If you want to look at an image, rightclick and "open image in a new tab").

Thing I would recommend (I think these are appropriate for the C too):
> Newer (or 6-pot) front brakes. I have Tockico 6-potters which are far-away not the best but they are much better
> Flip the rear eccentrics - the handling comes alive!
> 90/100W H4 bulb (don't tell plod) - Use a good ceramic connector and decent wiring/connections etc

I think that even if you have owned lots of other good bikes you will still be amazed how good a well sorted Zed is!


{EDIT: Typos fixed}
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Re: Spot from Melbourne

Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:06 pm

Cheers Brett , yeah it feels like I'm getting a proper grown up bike

I've had a few good fun bikes over the years, honda4's , gsx11, but the vmax was the one bike I'd always wanted and it has been more fun than a bike should be allowed to be

The offer came up for the ZZR from a mate as is for the Honda and I thought about it for a few moments.....

Best of both worlds, stupid fast (zzr) and stupid quick ( vmax) though I am expecting the z to surprise if not actually scare the crap out of me
I was looking at busas's for a while but we'll see about one of those for my retirement. .

The only thing I'm wondering about ( apart from where the hell all that bodywork goes) is whether I will fit on the bike, I just had to put forward controls on the vmax cos me old hips and knees couldn't handle the peg
height anymore and i'm guessing the z will have the same or higher

I'm 6'5" so space has always been a problem on bikes but I"be seen brackets on evilbay for 40mm dropped footpegs thought that may reduce clearance a fair bit

I've got full busa brakes on the vmax so I may rob them for the z and put the 4pot gsxr stuff back on the vmax, more brakes is always better and anything is better than stock vmax brakes

I"ve got the specs for the spacers for the 6 pot conversion so it should be an afternoons work. I'll leave the stock stuff for the moment so there are no hassles at roadworthy time over non stock bits

I imagine I have much to learn both finishing and then riding it,. I've never really ridden anything else that handles and went fast at the same time

Re: Spot from Melbourne

Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:21 pm

G'day and welcome

larfed at this comment -

Best of both worlds, stupid fast (zzr) and stupid quick ( vmax) though I am expecting the z to surprise if not actually scare the crap out of me
I was looking at busas's for a while but we'll see about one of those for my retirement. .

the better ZX12R is the preferred ride here.. especially for us older or retired gentlemen (eh Gos)
heck i am biased


Re: Spot from Melbourne

Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:45 am

well its been a whole year and some progress has been made , both forward and back.....

got everything except the bodywork back together, fluids in, carbs together and on, hooked up a battery and got it turning over, sparking, all looking good

wait a minute why is there a small pool of coolant under the bike, do we have a leaking seal or hose ? no we do fcuking not, we have a weep from the head gasket...bollocks

so head back off , and anyone whos done this will know there is one bolt that won't clear the frame so out came the bolt cutters, stripped the head to get it skimmed and ordered a new bolt as well as two collets that went flying while pulling the valves out

so thats where we're at, i'm splitting with the missus and moving house so the bike is kind of on hold for the moment as well as money being a problem due to no work for 6 months....

onwe positive is where i'm moving to has a proper garage so getting back to it will be a lot easier than working in the driveway

Re: Spot from Melbourne

Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:50 am

Coolant leaking from a head gasket?
Hope you get things sorted out, Spot, seems like you've had a less than favourable time this year.

ZX12R's? Hmmmph. sold mine, as well as the ZRX1200.
ZZR1200 is what I kept, quite comfortable for an elderly gent. :D
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