94 600 starter solenoid just clicks tried everything help lo

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94 600 starter solenoid just clicks tried everything help lo

Postby zx600rider » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:48 pm

Hey guys new to here but see a lot of people who know there stuff so here goes

Ok show this is everything I've done
New battery
Replaced solenoid starter
Replaced cdi ignition box
Wire harness replaced looks ugly right now but everything is working blinkers lights etc
Cleaned terminals
Bought new starter
New stator and regulator
Junction box is fine all fuses are working
Checked clutch only moves one way
Note I have part's bike for regulator, cdi ignition box and solenoid
Starter ran when installed with cover off spun on flywheel it does have a few teeth midly worn but not enough to think it needed replaced will take pics
But as soon as I put the clutch cover on it click again no noise from it like it's grinding
After I cleaned the carbs put a stigma jet kit in her an start replacing all the fairings have some extras of those as well including 97 rear tail fairing,air box an clean carbs for 97 came as a bulk buy
I'm honestly stumped and ive put a lot of blood sweat and tears and countless hours to this girl I have a lot of spare parts harness a frame no title etc if anyone is in need. I rode her for about a week then it rained (don't know if it matters because starter was shredded but any idea would be a HUGE HELP
Thanks guys you know all to we'll about the the itch to ride and I can't scratch itImageImage

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Re: 94 600 starter solenoid just clicks tried everything hel

Postby BrettZZR » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:17 am

Check your earthing?
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Re: 94 600 starter solenoid just clicks tried everything hel

Postby pkay » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:18 pm

How frustrating. The challenge when you've replaced so much is to identify what part is faulty. Usually those starter solenoids click either because the battery is not providing enough current to fire the solenoid switch or the solenoid itself is stuffed. If you battery has good charge and is wired up tightly (check this) and the earth strap is good, turn on the ignition and check the curent at the sloenoid switch. If good it should be the solenoid. Have you got another you can stick in and see if it works. I have bought dud new ones before so don't think just because it's new it can't be faulty (on the off chance). Also make sure the wires into the solenoid (not the main wire but the ones at the front for the fuse) connect up correctly.
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