ZX6R Misfire

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ZX6R Misfire

Postby Poyda » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:58 pm

Hi guys and girls,

Well it's been a long time between drinks for me but my 96 ZX6R is coming out of storage and getting back on track. I've just given it a good service, including new plugs. The issue I'm having is a misfire on number 4. This is a lack of spark issue as the plug is wet with no burn. I have put a spark tester on no.4 with no result and number 1 with a good spark. 1 and 4 run off the same coil. Fortunately when i got this bike it came with a car load of spares (literally, I had my Daihatsu Charade loaded to the roof with all the extra bits) so I have already swapped coils and leads, reg/rectifier and Ignition modules. I have checked the pickup and it's good. The battery is holding charge like it was new and has no problem cranking. I can keep it running if I keep the revs up over 3000 but under that it just dies and then restarts no problem as long as you give it plenty of throttle.

Any help greatly appreciated as the track day is Wednesday. (Yes I know I should have got it running before I booked. :cry: )

The (no longer) ugly ZX6R
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Re: ZX6R Misfire

Postby Mister_T » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:58 pm

Swap 1 and 4 plugs around and see the problem moves with plug 4.
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