87 GPZ1000RX Workshop Manual Needed

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87 GPZ1000RX Workshop Manual Needed

Postby Mike1000RX » Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:38 am

Hi Guys, first post here.
Having trouble locating a workshop manual locally or downloadable for my most recent purchase, a 1987 GPZ 1000 RX.
Just got her registered as is but I need to check everything and adjust or replace as required. Difficult to do without a manual.

Would anyone have one, know where I could get my hands on one, beg borrow or buy one from?

Also have 2 x 85 GPZ 750's, one running one in rebuild and a classic little '88 Japan import GPX 250 with the dual front rotors.

any help at all would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Mike.
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