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89 rgv250

Postby 98ninja » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:04 pm

I know it's not a kawasaki but I've bought an 89 rgv250 and it should arrive this Friday. It hadn't been started in a few years.
Any tips on how to get it going? This is my first 2 stroke
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Re: 89 rgv250

Postby Mister_T » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:59 pm

Scour the internetz for a workshop manual.
Figure out how to take off the fairing and tank so you can check the coolant and gearbox oil level.

Open the fuel tank and smell the petrol. Look for rust inside. If the petrol smells normal you might have a chance of starting it. If the petrol smells weird or off then drain the lot and ditch the stale petrol. Might as well put in some new petrol and swish it around and tip that out to get rid of the loosest rust and dirt. Compressed air may help.
Inspect or replace the fuel filter.

Drain the carbys and smell what comes out, if anything. If the petrol is off you might as well take the carbys off for a proper clean out. This is also where the workshop manual comes in.

Take the plugs out and give them a clean or replace.
While the plugs are out squirt a bit of twostroke oil down each plughole. This may help the compression a bit later on.
While the plugs are out, hook up a good battery and kick it over and check for decent spark.

If it all smells and looks ok and sparks ok, put some petrol in the tank and open the tap. See if you get good flow to the carbys, then see if either carby is flooding. Chances are a float will be stuck open.
If no flooding then open the float drains and let it dribble for while and take some crud out of the float bowls. Close the float drains and check for flooding.

Maybe tip out the old twostroke oil from the reservoir and put in some fresh stuff.

If it's all ok so far, put on the choke and see if it starts.

It's a bit of mucking around but you will probably want to do all that stuff eventually, anyway.
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Re: 89 rgv250

Postby pkay » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:19 pm

In addition to the above I'd add a couple of extra steps. While you're playing with the carbies check the condition of the air filter while you're in there. Give it a good clean or replace it if it's beyond saving. You'll be surprised how big a difference good clean air flow makes - also I have been caught out by this - make sure it has an air filter - you'd be surprised by the heros who think simply dumping the air filter makes big power.
Now if your intent is to just make sure it goes before you move on then I'd make sure the tank is empty of whatever is in it. Stick some pre-mix fuel in and see if it bites. Don't rely on the oil pump until you've had a chance to check over the pump adjustment and cables and whether it is operating. It'll be a bit smokey but wont hurt and is better than the thing going bang. Once you're sure it kicks then do the checks listed above, check the adjustment of the oil pump (you'll need the manual for that) then you can work your way around the rest of the bike, do the oils etc. I reckon I run my RGV (a VJ21) about once every six months and seems not to be an issue. I always use a synthetic two stroke oil too but not that motorex stuff at $120 for four litres.....
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