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About Us

We are an Australian based Kawasaki club, but everyone’s welcome no matter where you’re from or what you ride.

Join the forum and talk bikes or organise rides or track days with similar minded people. Please feel free to join in and post a message. When you've joined make a point of introducing yourself and letting us know where you’re from and what you ride. The more you put in the more you'll get out (we've already got enough lurkers :-). Anyone can organise rides so take the initiative and post the details.

If you own a z, gpz, gpx, zzr, zxr, zrx, zx2, zx6, zx7, zx9, zx12 or any other sportsbikes of any capacity this is the place to be. Even if you don't own a Kawasaki you can still join.

Club History
The original KSRC was started in 2000, by Dave (madkaw) as a Yahoo Club. Yahoo then dropped the clubs and merged them with the Yahoo Groups in October, 2001. We remained as a Yahoo group for many years until the digital age caught up with us and we sought our own entity on the net, thus the site and forum as you currently see it.

It all came about from the ZX7R web site which Dave also started about 5 or 6 years ago. Its still there albeit dated..

Who's Who in the Zoo
Dave - MadKaw - Founder / Owner / Admin
Dan - Icebreaker - Forum / admin
Jason - Aardvark - Website / Admin

Note: This club is not affiliated with Kawasaki or the Kawasaki riders club, this is an independent, free, online club for people to talk bikes and meet others with similar interests.
Motorcycling is dangerous and you ride at your own risk and to your own skill level. Always wear appropriate safety gear and obey road rules. No liability is accepted by the web host or any related party in any way from use of information or participation on any ride related to the site and you only enter the site and become a member on acceptance of those and any other conditions.